Love was the only reason, I was with you.

I felt happy and love was true.

I remember those late dark nights,

I saw twinkling stars in your eyes, bright.

I know i dressed well and looked good that way,

But i was the best dressed when i wore you.

My smile reflected you in it,

Because they said it was cute.

Your presence had this effect that i spoke you.

You were the only language that i understood,

And they said he is an illiterate because they never understood.

Remember, long conversations that always meant nothing,

Rather the shorter ones, about life, meant everything.

You know i was your shadow, always & again time.

Unlike the real one, i never left your side.

I still remember because you gave me everything that i am now.

These words, this incomplete love and what not?

Now my words start to fade,

Just like your memories.

I write nothing now that can be called perfect.

Slowly and steadily, i am losing my dialect.

-Ilyas Khatri



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